Nestled in downtown Santa Ana, this hidden gem boasts flavors that will leave your taste buds singing praises. Though it might take a bit of sleuthing to discover, once found, it becomes an unforgettable culinary haven.
Having visited twice, my first encounter was with the Spicy Smash–a dish that exceeded all expectations. The explosion of flavors was simply divine. Accompanying the main course, the Chili Cheese fries were an equally delightful indulgence.
On my most recent visit, I ventured into the realm of the Flatty Melt, a burger that has swiftly claimed the title of my favorite. Crispy, juicy, and bursting with flavor, it’s a culinary masterpiece. The attentive staff enhances the dining experience, with cashiers offering helpful suggestions and other team members ensuring your satisfaction.
Despite its cozy size, the establishment features a charming ambiance with a few booths and high-top tables. An added bonus is the availability of beer to complement your meal. The assortment of condiments, including the delectable garlic, ranch, and jalapeno ranch, adds a finishing touch to the gastronomic journey.
This place is a must-try, earning a solid 10/10 for its exceptional culinary offerings and welcoming atmosphere.

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